The Mayard Family plans to replant 2.5 hectares of vines in Châteauneuf du Pape in agroecology with the support and advice of Alain Canet, expert agronomist and agroforester, founding member of La Belle Vigne with Konrad Schreiber, Hervé Coves and Marceau Bourdarias.

Vineyards planted with trees and plant cover in Agroecology.

In this video, Arthur presents this project of planting vines by associating trees and plant cover.

La Belle Vigne will assist us in this adventure, giving us their expert advice. 


This project involves several plots of land that make up a total of 2.5 hectares to be replanted. The idea is to have vines head in the sun perched on trees and feet in the shade covered by a plant cover. Arthur Mayard

In this way, we maximize the fertility of our soils by offering the plots of land the greatest opportunity to recover carbon through leaves, wood and plant cover.


The objective is to offer our children a resilient, more fertile vine that will be able to produce wood, fruit and quality grapes to make superb wines with great ageing potential.

So concretely, we are going to include in our rows of vines different layers of trees, such as trognes that will bring wood to the plot and refuges for the nesting of birds and bats.

We will plant fruit trees as well as large trees that will provide the climatic aspect necessary to temperate and micro-climate the plot.

These trees will pump the water in depth and make it accessible to the vine. It will thus resist to our increasingly hot and dry summers.


By putting plant engineering into action and on stage, we create a lot of biomass, a lot of biodiversity, a lot of carbon, and water cycles that are resumed, amplified and structured to face the difficulties facing viticulture today. Birds will sing in your vineyards! Alain Canet

Poductivity boosted by Biodiversity and Ecosystem created from scratch.

We will always have the same number of vines in our plots but with extra trees.

So we will have the same potential for productivity that the decrees of the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation offer.

And this productivity will be multiplied tenfold by all this ecosystem and biodiversity that we are going to create. Healthy, resilient vines.

La Belle Vigne will support us in this beautiful project and we will share with you other videos to allow you to follow the progress of our future plantations.

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