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Stand out from the crowd by offering vines from Châteauneuf du Pape

The ideal corporate gift 

Béatrice Mayard is the associate owner of a family estate in Châteauneuf du Pape, the Vignobles Mayard. She created to develop the wine tourism offer of the domain in the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation.

She has set up a “vine stock adoption offer” to receive his or her own Châteauneuf du Pape Bio cuvée. An original gift if ever there was one!

By sponsoring century-old Grenache vine stocks from their vineyard, a completely different wine-related experience is offered to the consumer!

From the first bunches of grapes to bottling, the adopter follows the evolution of his vines during a vintage, thanks to a newsletter sent by the producer every month.

He is also invited to the estate to meet the family of winegrowers, discover the vines that bear his name on a medallion and taste the wines.

At the end of the year, the adoptive owner receives his or her own wine with bottles personalised with his or her name, to be tasted with family or friends!

Finally, if he or she wishes, the experience can be repeated the following year at a preferential rate.

Offer vines… yes, but how?

Companies who want to give a gift to their customers, partners, suppliers or employees can choose between 2 formulas: the Classic Offer (from 359€) and the Privilege Offer (from 489€) which includes an agronomic initiation and a 15% discount on the price of a wine tourism stay in one of the accommodation managed by




Step 1

The company chooses the Classic Offer or the Privilege Offer to give as a gift to its customers, employees or suppliers. When ordering, it specifies the names of the lucky beneficiaries and their contact details.

Step 2

Within 5 days, the beneficiary receives a welcome box including 1 bottle (or 3 or 6 bottles as an option) of La Crau de Ma Mère old vine cuvée, along with his/her adoption certificate, a presentation of the estate and a Mayard Family corkscrew..

Step 3

At the end of a growing year or during a visit to the estate, the beneficiary receives 6 bottles of our Châteauneuf du Pape La Crau de Ma Mère from the previous vintage personalised with his or her name.

What are the advantages for your company to offer century-old Grenache vines from the Mayard family?

The benefits for your company are:



  • 5% discount on the Classic Offer and Privilege Offer
  • A monthly newsletter  with your company’s colours is sent out, presenting the latest news from the Mayard Family estate and the evolution of the vine stocks you offer to your customers, suppliers and employees.
  • By choosing the you can plan a stay in Châteauneuf du Pape with a  15% discount, , for Team Building 

An extraordinary opportunity to stand out and create team cohesion within Vignobles Mayard. 

Newsletter & bottles branded with your company’s name

Free communication for more than a year!

Indeed, this newsletter can be personalised with your graphic charter (company logo, colours, photos etc.) to offer you relevant communication over a full year.

In this way, you associate your company with strong values, values of terroir, authenticity, ancestral heritage, of the Mayard Family’s vineyard managed in Organic Agriculture.

The personalisation of the bottles of Châteauneuf du Pape from the old vines La Crau de Ma Mère cuvée, which your lucky beneficiaries will receive, will also be branded with the name of your company.

This will give for example “Cuvée Jean Martin” offered by the name of your company.


Summary of the special corporate gift offer

Offering Châteauneuf du Pape vines will enable you to give great pleasure to your customers, partners, employees, suppliers… 

In return, you will receive FREE communication for a full year, including the sending of 12 newsletters with your logo and colours + branding. “Offered by Name of your company” on the bottles of Châteauneuf du Pape, La Crau de Ma Mère in the final box that your beneficiaries will receive.

Notes & Comments from journalists about La Crau de Ma Mère

Jeb Dunnuck Selection


“La Crau de Ma Mère 2018 – This beautiful classic Châteauneuf du Pape is ideal to drink over the next 10-12 years, if not longer.”

– Jeb Dunnuck

The Wine Cellar Insider


“Medium-bodied, spicy and fresh, with a touch of earth and bret on the nose, the wine clearly offers depth, richness and layers of ripe, red and peppery fruit on the palate and finish to end things off quite nicely”.

– Jeff Leve

The Wine Advocate


“Notes of garrigue and crushed stones are bound by threads of raspberries and dark chocolate in the Châteauneuf du Pape La Crau de Ma Mère 2018, which is largely derived from the Grenache of old vines grown at La Crau. Full-bodied, generous and silky in appearance. It is a mature wine, which without effort should drink well for about ten years”.

– Joe Czerwinski

Dussert-Gerber Guide 2021


“A pretty Châteauneuf du Pape 2017 La Crau de Ma Mère, made from a selection of very old vines dominated by Grenache, supplemented by Mourvèdre and Syrah, marked by its terroir, all in colour, very aromatic, with connotations of pepper, humus and over-ripe red fruit, fat, combining finesse and structure”.

– Patrick Dussert-Gerber

Nicolas Bria's blog


“La Crau de ma Mère – 2017 (Red), complex and racy but at the same time very fresh and chiselled. Definitely a great wine.”

– Nicolas Bria

WeinWisser Magazine


“Complex bouquet, cherries and blackberries, cinnamon, cardamom, notes of garrigue. Surprises with fruity freshness, fine body, elegant tannins and a mineral note.”     17/20

– André Dominé

Wine Enthusiast


“While demure on first whiff, this bold, concentrated wine seems to amplify in richness and extract on the palate. Ripe black cherry, fig and mulberry are lavish and spicy, streaked by layers of anise, vanilla and smoke. It’s an opulent but elegantly integrated wine edged by fine, densely packed tannins. The explosion of fruit should gain finesse through 2040.” 

– Anna Lee C. Iijima

What people say about Vignobles Mayard…


Sandra Schoen
Sandra Schoen
15:21 26 Oct 21
Great tasting, absolutely loved the wines. The white chateauneuf du pape was surprisingly great.
Piotr Modzelewski
Piotr Modzelewski
08:01 30 Sep 21
Amazing place run by people who really love their jobs and wine. The tour was informative and fun. And the wines... You... just need to try them yourselves!read more
Jovin Wernli
Jovin Wernli
17:44 28 Jul 21
We booked the tour+tasting as a small group. Our guide welcomed us very nicely and accompanied us through the wine... cellar and the actual tasting. She did very well and we had a great time at Vignobles Mayard. Thank you!read more
Aimee Scadden
Aimee Scadden
13:55 27 Jun 21
Had a lovely tour and wine tasting experience! Thank you we loved learning more about the wine, vines, wine makers and... history of the region. The wines are all so good too!! 🍷🌄read more
Madalyn Destafney
Madalyn Destafney
16:20 21 Sep 20
Great experience! Most wineries won’t show you everything during busy harvest season, but this one does because it is... more educational to see harvest in ACTION! You meet at the retail/store front and hop in your car to follow the very friendly guide to the vineyard a few minutes away. She showed us the vines and all over the production facility. Then headed back to the shop for 5 tastings. We tried a white, rosè and three reds. Bottle prices were very reasonable for purchase. Had a good more
Lisa B.
Lisa B.
11:10 13 Aug 19
Great wine tasting. Although I interrupted her lunch, she was accommodating and amicable. As my French is dreadful, I... really appreciated having the tasting presented in more
Aris Rammos
Aris Rammos
15:14 17 Aug 18
Exceptional place for wine tasting and buying some really great wines.The lady that was doing the wine tasting was... very polite and helpful.I recommend it for sureread more
Chris Vella
Chris Vella
20:48 01 Sep 17
We visited this shop today and we had a very sweet and accommodating lady guide us through the Mayard range. The shop... is very nice and wines are great value. Highly more
Kleper e Rose Zanatta Hakme
Kleper e Rose Zanatta Hakme
16:17 31 Jul 17
Great store for same name vineyard (no, it's not the vineyard - the store is a small place inside the town, and is... really beautiful and charming, but very small). The service is superb, providing good information and explaining each wine you taste. Again: tasting (to know the wine), not drinking. Do not expect a full glass...The wine was excellent in my opinion. So far one of the best ones I had tasted so far. Many of them can be aged for 10-15 years (around EUR 30-40 and over, way over). And have some younger ones good to be drinked now (around EUR 25-30).read more
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