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Le Clos du Calvaire, Domaine du Père Pape and La Crau de Ma Mère are three emblematic vintages which were originally produced by Vignobles Mayard.

At the end of 2021, during family sharing, the estate experienced a split, giving birth to Domaine Mayard and Clos du Calvaire.

These precious vintages embody the heritage of several generations who have contributed to the success of Vignobles Mayard, a house renowned for its Châteauneuf du Pape with powerful and elegant aromas.

Each of these vintages bears the imprint of ancestral know-how, the result of passionate and meticulous work passed down from generation to generation within this illustrious wine family.

Today, these exceptional wines continue to bear witness to the excellence and tradition that characterize the wines of Vignobles Mayard.

Why buy these old vintages from the Mayard Family?




The old vintages of Clos du Calvaire, Domaine du Père Pape and La Crau de Ma Mère bear the imprint of an exceptional wine heritage, resulting from the passionate work of several generations within the Mayard Vineyards.

You will have the opportunity to taste wines that are the fruit of a long family tradition.


Older vintages have had time to mature and evolve, developing complex characteristics and subtle aromas that make each bottle unique. Customers will have the chance to taste wines whose complexity has been refined over the years.


The Mayard Vineyards are renowned for their Châteauneuf du Pape with powerful and elegant aromas. Old vintages benefit from worldwide recognition of the exceptional quality of the wines produced by the Mayard Family, offering customers the assurance of an exceptional taste experience.


Giving an old vintage of these vintages as a gift is a memorable way to celebrate special occasions. These unique bottles are a token of appreciation and consideration for wine lovers.

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Ces cuvées représentent un rare témoignage de l’histoire des Vignobles Mayard, avec le partage familial de 2021 marquant un tournant significatif.

Les vieux millésimes sont un morceau d’histoire encapsulé dans chaque bouteille, offrant aux amateurs de vin une expérience unique et mémorable.


With the creation of Domaine Mayard and the birth of Clos du Calvaire, the old vintages of these vintages become unique collector’s items. Customers can acquire bottles testifying to the new chapter in the history of Mayard Vineyards.


These old vintages are perfect for wine collectors, adding historical dimension and rarity to any wine cellar. The vintages of Clos du Calvaire, Domaine du Père Pape and La Crau de Ma Mère can become jewels of any collection.


Due to the split in the estate, these old vintages are limited editions, making them even more special acquisitions and prized by connoisseurs. The opportunity to acquire these unique bottles will be limited in time.


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La Crau de ma Mère

Domaine du Père Pape

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